“ Acquiring a dog may be the only opportunity a human ever has to choose a relative. ”
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  • No of dogs trained : 3576
  • No of dogs in North America : 101,345,78
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 Jay Hamelin 

 Professional Dog Trainer and Canine Behaviour Specialist 

 Serving the following areas in both English & French

Rocliffe Park, Rothwell Heights. Winchester and surrounding areas (Russell, Embrun, Carlsbad Springs)  Navan, Orleans. North and South Dundas. North Grenville (including Kemptville, Spencerville & Prescott) 
Rideau-Goulbourn (including Greely & Riverside South). Please call for assistance if you find yourself outside of these areas. 


Rockliffe Park, Rothwell Heights. Winchester and surrounding areas (Russell, Embrun, Carlsbad Springs) Navan, Orleans, Kemptville, Spencerville, Prescott, Manotick, Riverside South,Greely and surrounding areas, Cornwall**

613-804-DOGS (3647)

Free Training Evaluation   

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 Read about Jay:

 It all started many years ago with the family’s miniature sheltie named Beau and a baby carriage. Everywhere Jay’s baby carriage went, there was Beau walking right beside it keeping a close eye on him. Growing up in the country side and having dogs as a constant in his life from birth, has been influential to both understanding dog psychology and life itself.  If you ask, Jay will tell you, It is the dogs that have taught me some of the most important life lessons, such as unconditional love, respect, trust and loyalty and that hanging onto the past or thinking too far ahead, prevent living in the present."

 As a young boy, if Jay wasn’t playing with the neighbour’s ginormous German Shepherd, affectionately named “War”, you would find him giving swimming lessons to his Malamute, or providing support to the family’s whelping Beagle. Years of exposure to different breeds and their instinctual behaviours has provided Jay with a simple effective way to help people, not only to understand their dogs but to grow their relationship from one based on merely ownership, to leadership, which makes a world of difference. 

 The only way to effectively offer that degree of change to a larger audience whom would like their poorly behaved dog to just listen, or their relatively well-behaved dog to listen better, was to become a Certified Professional Dog Trainer & Behaviour Specialist. Enter Canadian Canine Training Academy (CCTA). “ The idea of learning more, expanding and refining techniques on how to best handle different temperaments and characters - everything from super shy dogs to full on aggressive tear your arm off types, for the purpose of helping owners navigate through tough situations - is something very special to me."

 As a Certified Dog Trainer and Behavioural Specialist for CCTA, Jay has acquired an even deeper appreciation and understanding of why dogs behave the way they do, how to get them to choose better, and how to transform dog ownership to effective dog leadership. He also uses his three dogs to assist him in training. Riley a confident, dominant Golden Retriever. Rubie a super chill, well rounded rescue Beagle mix and Sadie, a sweet, sensitive Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. And should the need arise, he can hand pick just the right type of assistance from the dogs that attend his wife's doggy daycare.

Jay believes that knowledge is power and the more you understand, the more you can offer of yourself without judgment, to help remedy what sometimes people perceive as hopeless situations vis-à-vis their dog. With that in mind Jay continues attending seminars and webinars from cutting edge Biologists, Dog Psychologists and Trainers across the globe.

Jay’s motto is simple: Encouragment, inspiration and confidence in handling dogs, is what I offer my clients. Because a dog is not just a dog, they are family, and in a family every member has their place and role to play, so keep it simple - Canine Training 101 simple”.


Services in offered in three options: 

1- Boarding School.

A) Dog and I only for a period of 14 days (or more) PuppyK, Basic & Advanced. I do all the work and in return, you get a fully trained dog.      

B) Dog and I only for a period of 14 days (or more) PuppyK, Basic & Advanced. I do all the work and in return, you get a fully trained dog with the addition of having addressed the serious or multiple unwanted and difficult behaviour issue(s). 

2-  Semi Private & Private - one on one setting in PuppyK, Basic & Advance that also addresses less serious, or undesirable and difficult behaviour(s)

 Owner is always part of the equation. We work together and progress is closely monitered.   

3- Group sessions in Puppy K, Basic, and Advanced. Mild to no behaviour issues. It's really just dog obedience training.


Group Lessons are held 15 minutes from the 417-Boundary Rd exit and 25 minutes from the  401-hwy 31 exit at 12705 Ormond Rd. An easily accessible country setting located just south east of the city, where you will enjoy interacting with your favorite k9 buddy from the safety, and positivity of a dog friendly indoor area or fenced outside area. Access for you and your dog for swimming in an in-ground pool is available weather permitting. 

Private Lessons are held at my location or in your home. 

Boarding School is held at my location and dog(s) are housed in one of two training areas within my home.

Boarding Vacay. is offered to CCTA clients that have completed any of the obedience levels offered. 


Q: Why do I have to fill out a Training Evaluation?

A: Full disclosure and how it works:

The purpose of the evaluation is for me to determine what the cause of your dog's behaviour is, so I can make recommendations on what needs to be done to help you meet your training goals. Because all dogs have different temperments and characters, the cause and effect of their problems will vary as will the treatment. All dogs are evaluated prior to training to ensure you get the best results possible. 
This process is quite simple.


First click on the Free Training Evaluation  and submit the information required. I will review the information to get a good idea of your case, then contact you to make an appointment to meet with you and your dog. When I have evaluated your dog's temperament, you will be provided with a signed copy of your evaluation, complete with comments and recommendations for training. Once we agree on a start date, we're all set!





**Cornwall is Private Lessons only**



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What Clients Are Saying

I have really enjoyed the classes with you. You are a great teacher and I want to thank you for helping me transform Winston into a happy follower and a fun member of the family.
Lise and Winston

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